We are the only solution in the market that offers all forms of digital accessibility

About Rybená

The Rybená solution emerged from a partnership between the Java Users Group of the Federal District (DFJUG) and the CTS Institute, in 2003. With the aim of facilitating communication between deaf and hearing individuals, the first project aimed to offer LIBRAS on cell phones.

Over time, the solution underwent technological improvements, and today, it translates Portuguese texts into LIBRAS and Voice, allowing access to online content for the deaf, people with intellectual disabilities, functional illiterates, the elderly, dyslexic individuals, and others with reading and text comprehension difficulties. Thus, by developing and implementing assistive technology, the Rybená solution also fulfills a legal and social role.

The journey to become the most comprehensive solution in the market

Throughout our journey, Rybená has undergone various improvements and updates. Our first avatar was Rybeninho, created through hand-drawn designs! Today, our avatar is feminine and features 3D modeling.

In the following years, the first version of Rybená for Web was launched, the Rybená Player, which translated texts presented on websites into Brazilian Sign Language. A completely rebuilt version was also launched, with more modern technology and greater intelligence in translations.

In 2017, it was possible to launch a new version of Rybená. Now the user could better visualize the avatar, rotate the character 360 degrees allowing observation of the signaling from other angles, change clothes as requested by the customer, in addition to faster app opening, improving the end user experience.

In 2022, several evolutions were made. The accessibility module was created focusing on reading resources, allowing dyslexic individuals, people with focus problems, colorblind individuals, and those with visual impairments to navigate and understand the website more easily, the avatar was recreated to have more human characteristics facilitating understanding and accuracy of the signs, the possibility of having your own avatar in the solution was made available, and text-to-speech synthesis in other languages was implemented.

Our Mission

Breaking the communication barriers of people with physical, cognitive, or sensory limitations, contributing to a more inclusive and respectful world.

Our Vision

Being the representation of digital accessibility through assistive technology, creating an inclusive digital world where everyone can navigate without barriers, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Our Values

Commitment to our mission

Rybená was born to bring information inclusively to everyone. We breathe this every day.

Innovation for experience

We always seek to improve our solutions to ensure a better user experience.

Focus on simplicity

We shy away from complexity and complication when it comes to assistive technology. We want to bring the best experience, with the best solutions to users.