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Our solutions help approximately 83 million Brazilians navigate the internet. Want to learn more about how these solutions work?

Rybená Solutions

Our WEB & Mobile Tools

Expand access to information for people with disabilities, making society more inclusive with features like Libras, Voice, Reading, and Exclusive Character.

WCAG Standards

Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust. We follow all guidelines for content accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities, learning difficulties, cognitive limitations, and combinations of these characteristics.

Easy Installation

Easy, quick, and practical installation by any user, just follow our step-by-step guide after subscription.

Why hiring accessibility solutions is a good idea?

Expansion of the Target Audience

Digital accessibility opens doors to all audiences, including people with disabilities. This means more sales opportunities and greater customer loyalty.

Reinforcement of Reputation and Brand

Incorporating digital accessibility into your marketing strategy can also strengthen your reputation and brand. Customers appreciate companies that strive to be inclusive.

Compliance with Norms and Regulations

Implementing accessible practices fulfills legal obligations and demonstrates social responsibility. This builds a positive image in front of consumers.